'Lisboa Melilla'

Check and read the 'MANIFESTO' before you fill and submit the form. You should also be aware of some special circumstances, namely that 'Lisboa Melilla' is an informal bikepacking ride and about the specific and challenging situations in Morocco. 

  • There isn't a registration fee, but riders must rent a Follow My Challenge (FMC) tracker;
  • The payment of the tracker rent completes the registration; we will sent you a link to the FMC page after you submit the pre-registration form (bellow);
  • We will deliver the tracker in Lisbon at the briefing session and then you will send it back to FMC by mail after finishing your participation in 'Lisboa Melilla' (don't forget to consult the tracker rental terms on the FMC page);
  • Personal insurance is mandatory (accidents + civil liability), including valid insurance in Morocco; 
  • You also need to check - according to your nationality - if you need a visa (e.g. Portuguese and Spanish citizens can be temporarily in Morocco without a visa, but a passport is necessary);
  • 'Lisboa Melilla' will have any media and supporting cars and we will not be at the finish point in Melilla as organizers;
  • 99% of the route in Portugal (Alentejo) and Spain (Andalusia) was scouted; however (so far) only a few kilometers of the route have been scouted in Morocco (including a bikepacking border crossing in Ceuta);
  • Meaning you will probably scout the route in Morocco during this edition #0; however we studied - in detail - the route and checked information with locals and foreign bikepackers;
  • The first 150 kilometers of the route in Morocco are in tourist areas (mediterranean coast resorts, Chefchaouen) and the last 350 kilometers are roughly on the National Route 16.
  • Driving in Morocco is a bit chaotic; anyway we designed the route to avoid hight traffic spots (as possible) and to avoid roads with a highway profile;
  • Very sadly, Morocco doesn't guarantee LGBT+ rights and the country has criminal laws against homosexuality;
  • There are also cases of sexual assault (e.g. groping / toques abusivos e não apropriados) against women cyclists; unfortunately being a women is harder in Morocco and we don't recommend any woman to cycle alone, specially at night;
  • Sum up. The sociocultural clash is part of the experience and you should also be aware that the (big) majority of the people is kind and the breathtaking landscapes will certainly help us to enjoy the best of northern Morocco. To avoid undesired situations we are promoting a group pace and experience: around 180K (average) and 2.250M of climbing per day.

Setúbal - Évora (115K)
Évora - Aracena (195K)
Aracena - Zahara de la Sierra (225K)
Zahara de la Sierra - Algeciras (165K)
Algeciras/Ceuta - Caiat Lounge Refuge (125K)
Caiat Lounge Refuge - El Jebha (165K)
El Jebha - Adjir / Al Hoceima (100K)
Adjir - Melilla (140K)

  • If you aren't comfortable to ride in Morocco or if you are looking for a shorter bikepacking experience, there is an alternative route that finishes in Malaga. Riding through Alentejo and Andalusia is already a fantastic experience.
  •  Logistics at the finish point: there are daily ferry boats from Melilla to Malaga. In Malaga there is an International airport with flights to the biggest cities in Europe (including - daily - to Lisbon). It is easy to have access to cardboard bike boxes is Malaga. There is also a National Airport in Melilla with daily  flights to Madrid.