'eXpedition 2022: Azores' is a bikepacking adventure in the archipelago of the Azores. The route has 350KM and 10.000M of elevation gain - exploring the 'Triangle Islands': Pico, São Jorge and Faial. The 'eXpedition' project wants to bring new geographies to the adventure-cycling calendar. The adventure starts on June 2022 in the volcanic islands of the North Atlantic Ocean - the lost continent of Atlantis. 

SPIRIT | 'eXpedition 2022: Azores' isn't a race. It's a social ride & bikepacking adventure with specific goals: the scouting of the route for the 'eXpedition 2023: Azores' and enjoy the experience. Live GPS tracking and map provided by Follow My Challenge.

ROUTE | Mixed surface. 1/4 on smooth gravel sectors and 3/4 on remote asphalt roads across three islands of the central group, namely the 'Triangle Islands': Pico, São Jorge and Faial (ferry departure and route finish in Horta). The route has approximately 350 kilometers and 10.000 meters of elevation gain. 'Slow is okay' pace.

ARCHIPELAGO |  The location in the mid-Atlantic Ocean gives a tepid, oceanic, mild-warm subtropical climate. Despite some diferences between islands, temperatures ranges 16-25ºC in June. Route altitude varies frequently between 0-900M. Weather conditions can change rapidly between rain, cloudy and clear sky.

TRANSPORTATION | Faial Island has an international airport - Horta Airport with daily direct flights from/to Lisbon and São Miguel Island. Maritime transportation ensures the mobility between the three islands during the bikepacking trip.

Briefing: June  06th MON 2022
Start: June 07th TUE 2022
Finish: June 10th FRI  2022




Header photo by Joe Leahy, 2nd photo by Dariusz Sankowski and 3rd photo by Jorge Sardinha on Unsplash. Island pictures: The Royal Illustrated Atlas of Modern Geography.