U   L   T   R   A   N   E   W   S

23.11 | GRANGUANCHE AUDAX TRAIL | Oscar Pujol won the inaugural edition of the GranGuanche Audax Trail. The Spanish rider completed the 700 kilometers route across 5 islands of Canary archipelago in 68 hours and 41 minutes. Nils Correvon arrived almost one hour later. The Audax Road - on January 22th - is the next GranGuanche event.  

17.11 | ULTRA DISTANCE SCHOLARSHIP | Stayer Cycles announced Aandy Natarajan, Carla Benton and Zara Bellos as selected for the 2021/22 Ultra Distance Scholarship. They will be mentored by Anisa Aubin and Vera Ngosi-Sambrook. The goal of the scholarships is to promote diversity in the cycling industry, against the male-white prevalence. 

04.11 | TRANSCONTINENTAL | The organizers & partners of the Transcontinental (TCR) announced the edition number 8. It will start on July 24th in Geraardsbergen (BE) and finish in Burgas (BUL). The race will have four control points: Krupka, Passo di Havia, Durmitor & Transalpina. Recently, the TCR was postponed two times (2020 & 2021).

04.11 | BIKINGMAN BRASIL | Luís Fernando Zogaib won the inaugural edition of BikingMan Brasil. He completed the 1.000 kilometers route (25% gravel and with 17.500 meters of climbing) in 66 hours and 3 minutes. The Brazilian riders achieved the podium: Juliano Gehrke was second (66H42M) and Leandro Carlos Silva was third (79H46M).

31.10 | BASAJAUN | Transiberica Club published on their web information about a new gravel event: Basajaun. According to the website, Basajaun will be "between forests and arid lands on the edge of Basque Country". Basajaun will go ahead on July 30th 2022 in Vitoria. The route has 760 kilometers and 15.000 meters of elevation gain.

H E A D I N G   S O U T H W E S T 

UltraCycling challenge across the most southwestern country of Europe. Riders will face the diversity of the Portuguese landscapes - from mountains to plains - heading the Atlantic Ocean. Departure in Coimbra on May 21st 2022. 'Heading SouthWest' is an event designed by Finisterra and Portuguese ultracyclists.


There isn't an entry fee. Riders are financially responsible for the (1) tracker (2) briefing dinner and (3) 'race' cap. A few days after submit the registration (form below), riders will receive information from Follow My Challenge (our tracking partner) about the payment procedure .The successful payment of tracker rental or mapping integration of the own tracker will work as the final registration confirmation in the event. Personal insurance is mandatory. Entries are limited to 30 participants. We encourage applications from any nationality, but 50% of spots are reserved for riders living in Portugal or Portuguese citizens (due to the organization's goals). If necessary, extra entries will be opened to balance the number of male/non-male riders in the lineup.


- 'SouthWest' is designed and organized by Finisterra with the co-organization and the collaboration of the community of Portuguese long-distance cyclists;

- The main goals are the promotion of adventure-cycling/self-supported ultracycling in Portugal (joining the community in the same event) as well as a cycling destination for internacional riders;

- Organization budget is basically 0,00€, but our passion for the sport will provide: the GPX file of the route, race manual/road-book, bike box luggage, briefing, information support and more;

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Do you have plans for 2022? The season 2021 isn't over yet, but some races/events already have dates and applications are opening. The self-supported ultracycling & adventure-cycling calendar is growing as well as the time window: new challenges and the expected return of some races in the (hopefully) post-pandemic times.  


Why Munich has such a special cycling atmosphere? We interviewed three adventure cyclists from Munich/Upper Bavaria that helped us telling their stories: Ulrich Bartholmös (self-supported ultracycling racer), Lisa Wårg (new adventure cyclist living near the Alps) and Christina Ilchmann (a yoga for cyclists teacher).