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departure | PRAIA REBOLIM
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photo by Ryan Le Garrec 


It's an event and a personal challenge, without prizes. The publication of the results and the live map geographical information is for recreational and safety purposes. We aren't responsible for any interpretation that our event is a race. However, we are aware and don't deny that the sporting spirit and the ability to overcome difficulties is linked to an event with these characteristics, which sparks enthusiasm among participants and within the community (including us).

WHAT does the participation fee INCLUDEs?

The value of the fee is €170. Includes GPS tracker and live map by 'Follow My Challenge', briefing session, Manual/Road Book/GPX, CAP, personal insurance, brevet card and two Check Points. The fee also includes a symbolic contribution to a local organization focused on wildfires prevention in 'Serra da Estrela Natural' Park.


There are 50 spots available. First-come, first-served approach. In order to get a spot, we recommend you to register on December. It will be available a waiting list and we will open extra 25 spots in case of an increasing interest of the community.


The two closest airports to Coimbra (departure city/point) are located in Lisbon and Porto. Coimbra is halfway between Lisbon and Porto. In Lisbon you probably will find more flight options and you can store your bike bag at Oficina 35 (our partners and friends). This bike shop is just 5/10 minutes away by Taxi/Uber from Lisbon Airport. Then, traveling by train from Lisbon/Porto to Coimbra is easy. You don't need to dismount your bike. Concerning the finish point, Alte is 40KM away from Faro airport (mostly a downhill and flat route). It's easy to get a bicycle cardboard box close to the airport. But before you back home, think about resting for a few days in Algarve region, the land of sunshine. 


Registration opens on December 1st 8PM CET. A link to the registration form will be available on the main page of the event's website. After submission, you will receive in the following minutes or hours (maximum 24 hours later) an email with a link to the fee payment page (PayPal or bank card options available) The fee payment is the final step in order to complete the registration. You will receive a confirmation and welcome email from FinisTerra CC. Registration in the 'pair' category is done individually (each member of the duo must fill out the form individually). Then, you can  complete the registration/pay the fee for both (340€) or separately (170€ + 170€). Refund policy: 80% until April 30th and 90% (until a few days before the event) if the event is sold out and there is a new rider who replaces the spot.

What IS THE TIME LIMIT to complete the route?

The event will last for 6 days (maximum time to complete the route). The last CP and arrival point will close at 23:59 June 9th (Friday). Arrival within the control time implies a daily average of 185 kilometers and 2,500 meters of elevation. In the first edition, on a route with a similar degree of difficulty, 95% of participants covered the route in less than 6 days. The time limit for reaching the first two checkpoints will be proportional to the total time limit.

Which are the mandatory items?

Helmet, reflective vest (during the nights and poor visibility conditions), frontal and rear lights (including a backup kit), emergency blanket. The organization insures personal insurance for accidents (expenses for treatment, repatriation, disability and death). Presence at the briefing session is mandatory for all participants.

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