Finisterra is a project - based in Portugal - focused on promoting and empowering adventure-cycling/self-supported cycling - covering and organizing events/experiences. We believe in and seek for integrity, transparency, independence and harmony. So we value and support:

(1) Self-supported: no third party support and events where self-supported is the only or main category; 

(2) Long distance routes: designed for rides longer than 24 hours;

(3) Organizational structure: the event is managed by an organization that ensures coordination and safety conditions;

(4) Availability, accessibility and clarity of information shared by organizers with the community: GPS/tracking live coverage available and event website with updated information (such as general classifications, dates) of the present/next and past editions available in English (exception to events with continental specific language contexts);

(5) Global community engagement: a significant number of people follows the event and from different territorial backgrounds;

(6) Diversity in the participation/line-up: relevant proportion of non-male riders and participants from foreign countries at the starting line;

(7) Open communication with the media: organizers are available and interested in sharing and providing information via direct channels with media partners (such as Finisterra).


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