'eXpedition 2023' is an adventure-cycling challenge across the archipelago of the Azores. Two routes are available. The 'Volcano200K' explores São Miguel Island (5.000 meters of elevation gain). The 'Atlantis500K' - with 12.000 meters of elevation gain - crosses four islands: Terceira, São Jorge, Pico and Faial. The 'eXpedition' project wants to bring new 'geographies' to the ultra calendar. The adventure starts on June 2023 in the volcanic islands of the North Atlantic Ocean. Is this the lost continent of Atlantis? 'eXpedition' is designed by Finisterra.

Volcano200K | Mixed surface. 1/3 gravel and 2/3 on-road across the three major volcanic lakes of São Miguel island. 190 kilometers and 5.000 meters of climbing.

Atlantis500K | Mixed surface. 1/4 gravel and 3/4 on-road across four islands of the central group: Terceira (start in Praia da Vitória), São Jorge, Pico and Faial (finish in Horta) 500 kilometers and 12.000 meters of elevation gain.

Spirit & Rules | 'eXpedition' follows the bikepacking and self-supported ultracycling principles. Drafting (except in the duo categoryand third-party support aren't allowed. Out of time control riders are allowed to ride together and to help each other. Diversity is a gold value: all applications are encouraged despite sex/gender, age or nationality.

Archipelago & Climate |  The location in the mid-Atlantic Ocean gives a tepid, oceanic, mild-warm subtropical climate. Despite some diferences between islands, temperatures ranges 16-25ºC in June. Route altitude varies frequently between 0-900M. Weather conditions can change rapidly between rain, cloudy and clear sky.

Transportation | São Miguel, Terceira and Faial have international airports. Daily direct flights from/to Lisbon/Porto and direct flights on a weekly basis from/to London, Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Las Palmas, Boston, Toronto. Maritime transportation ensures the mobility between islands during the event. Faial ('Atlantis 500K' is final island) airport has direct daily flights to Lisbon, Porto and São Miguel.

Registration Open: TBA
Accreditation/Briefing: June 2023
Oficial start: June 2023
Time Limit: June 2023

Header photo by Joe Leahy, 2nd photo by Dariusz Sankowski and 3rd photo by Jorge Sardinha on Unsplash. Island pictures: The Royal Illustrated Atlas of Modern Geography.